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Happy Tuesday!

Happy birthday to creentmerveille!

Hello and a belated happy birthday to arachne8!

We sign the lease - and leave the deposit - on Thursday. Oh my hell. We don't get to move in til we pay first month's rent, which we can do on Thursday the 27th.

16 days to pack up our shit. Holy crow.

We've started with a bang. Remember all those teetering stacks of comics? All packed up. And on the way home today, I'm stopping by Office Depot to pick up a bunch of those little boxes with handles, because books are the next priority, as they are time-consuming - we'll be purging as we pack.

Does anyone know of a good mover in Atlanta? The bedroom sets, the dining room table, and the sofabed we'll need professionally moved.

I'll twitter more about this in a separate post.

This means that my schedule will be heavily disrupted. I'll be cancelling all coffee dates & stuff. I need to spend every night packing.

Website Update
Saved mail still inaccessible. They left a voicemail message about it that's really convoluted and, yendi said, just plain odd. He'll be calling them today to say "huh?" and try to get it fixed.

Wedding Update
Will be working on guest list today with the help of

We might actually get married in Vegas. It's neutral ground, and close enough to AZ for more of yendi's mom's friends to come. We'd follow that up with receptions in AZ, FL, and GA.

I am having brain explodey.
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