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My e-mail is... well, they say they can retrieve it. But it likely won't be done til Monday. The guy who does that sort of thing is off on weekends. I swear....

They had better retrieve it.

In the meantime, they have me on OpenWebmail instead of SquirrelMail, which sucks ass. If you need me, e-mail shadesong AT; I've got that set to redirect to another address.

And the very minute I get the last of my files back, I am switching hosts to one that actually responds in a crisis. Sick of this shit. I've been sans e-mail for over 24 hours now, and despite persistent calls, I didn't get a callback until afternoon.

So! New host. Without anyone's fingerprints or possible back doors. No one answered my queston abot GoDaddy. Yea? Nay? I'm inclined towards them simply because they actually answer the telephone, and the guy worked with me through a bunch of stuff very patiently.

And, just, as to this? The community & website stuff? I'm just tired. I'm very fucking tired. I thought we were done with this months ago. Y'all know I moved on. I don't know why this attack. And no, I'm not doing the naming-names on the website hack thing. Not until I get confirmation from Spry. But I *am* talking about the e-mail harassment and rants in his LJ, where there'd been nothing for months. I don't know why he's decided to pick fights with me. And I would've been ignoring him as of his libel yesterday afternoon, but when my website got hit...

Just tired. And I don't know why someone would choose to come back after six months of not even speaking and start getting all hysterical, unless it's directly to garner attention. And that I don't understand either. Perhaps it's partly because things are going so well for me right now, with Master and finding G. again and possibly the house and everything, I don't know. Actually, I have theories, but now's not the time.

But for the love of god... I'm just tired and want to be left alone. It's over. You can't use my name for positive attention anymore, so you use it for negative attention? I don't know. Gets you five-six times the usual number of comments on your posts, after you'd complained about not getting any, so whatever floats your boat. Pathetic and sad, yeah, but whatever, I don't give a shit. Karma and all.

But leave my fucking website out of it.

In happier news! We took dindin to Noodle and JavaMonkey (saw christine9600 there, even - hi!), and then out to the mall. No swimsuits were found out. But we found out that I'm a girls' size 14. Not misses'. Not juniors'. Girls'. Jesus fuck.

And dark_blade gave me a wheelchair ride! I fit in her lap most perfectly!

And Master and I keep playing phone tag. :(

And they made me try on foofy dresses and Din took a picture.

And she has been *very* patient with me through the fucking drama today. And I am going to go hang out with her now. And no, I haven't read/won't be reading LJ this weekend.

*tired wave*
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