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Good news!

Owner of the gorgeous house just called us. Well, owner's daughter. He mother would like us to e-mail our position & salary info to her just to feel secure that we can pay and are stable people... and they've left a message for our recently-ex-landlady. Who we paid on time for the entire time we've been here. And yendi's been in his position at Coca-Cola U for ten years, so, stability, yeah.

And they asked if manifestress could be used as a personal reference. Sure! And yendi's also letting them know via e-mail right now that they can feel free to contact our supervisors if they feel they need verification.

She said that they'd be in Chicago til Tuesday, but would like the info "so we can get this wrapped up".

Which is not a "yes you have the house", but it sounds like "yes you have the house if we can verify that you're not fuckups."

*little squee!*

Please please please... it is a house far better than I thought we could get on our budgets. It is so beautiful and spacious.

I believe that we have bloody well earned it, I do.

Please please please.

dindin and dark_blade and I are going to go shopping now to buy me bathing suits & stuff for Vegas. Whee!
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