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Hey, guess what? is gone now. As in, away.

Spry didn't answer my service request via their website last night. I've called and left a message. I will keep calling every half hour until this is resolved.

This will have Consequences.

In the meantime, can someone e-mail me at shadesong AT and see if it goes anywhere or if it's a straight-up bounce? I'm betting on bounce. EDIT: Yeah, bounce.

Yes. There will be Consequences. When I get the server logs to confirm the guilty party, who do I call to press charges? And no, I'm not silly enough to call people out publicly by name. I just think it's awfully coincidental that this happened the day a certain someone threw three temper tantrums about me in his journal, and one elsewhere, about my LJ community that he'd attempted to break into and, oh! About my website. Yes, there were false accusations and rants about my website, too. Hmm. Makes a girl wonder, that does.

EDIT: Oh, Iiiii see. On the account security section of GoDaddy? My e-mail address has been changed to! *screencaps*

EDIT: It's changed back. Just got off the phone with GoDaddy. It's not on their end. Harassing Spry again. Gee, it'd be nice if I got a shower before dindin gets here, but I can see that's not in the cards...

EDIT: Spry says someone's working on it, and that it should be resolved shortly. The phone monkey says that he'll have someone who's actually working on it call me. This has been going on since about 7 PM, and they have yet to return a phone call or e-mail. The GoDaddy guy was extremely helpful - anyone know anything about hosting through them, positive or negative?
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