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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Happy Friday!

This has been a very sparse week for friends-list birthdays! But happy early birthday to aphony21, hockeyrules88, and theindiequeen!

Hello to new readers arashi842, chebutykin, and re-found friend nearlysanenow. :)

I see your true colors shining through...
Semisekrit message *ahem* This ended last year. Get over it. Also - we are men of action; lies do not become us.

I can only assume you're feeling attention-starved. As also evidenced by your apparent belief that I'm talking about you. Well, I am now, but otherwise, no. Hi. I've moved on. You should too. Let go of the coattails and try getting the attention you crave by being you, by doing something interesting yourself.

Dude. No more drama kings evar.

And that, darling readers, is my final word on the matter. Me having a life and all.

I am insanely busy and preoccupied. Not just with my sweeps-week thing, which is totally eating my brain. Not just with catching up with old friends and having a few big surprises. Not just with house stuff. Not just with a massive resurgence of Weird Pagan Shit. Not just with houseguest stuff. But commencement here at Coca-Cola U is Monday. I am the undergraduate secretary in my department. This is one of the two busiest times of my year. When I finish this post, I have to go run across campus delivering grade rolls again, for one thing.

I have e-mails languishing in my inbox from over a week ago. (sorry, whitecrow0, I haven't forgotten about you!) I can't answer anything that requires more thought than an LJ comment right now, and I'm behind on those too.

I thought I talked about that enough to make it clear, but apparently I didn't, as I wasn't given even 24 hours to complete a multi-step task before someone threw a temper tantrum. This is y'all's official notice. I'm kinda busy right now! If something needs to be handled within 24 hours, tell me and I will do it.

Thank you.

Van Helsing
In case you didn't read last night - it was godawful. I love it. I want to see it again and again. I almost laughed myself into an asthma attack.

yendi hated it with the passion of a thing what emits sunlight and kills vampires dead. Read his SPOILER-LADEN recap of the entire movie here.

House House House!
Guess what guess what? On the way to the movie, manifestress saw a "For Rent" sign and called the number immediately; the owner called back while we were on line. Three bedrooms (our current house is actually a 2-bedroom + sunroom), two baths, hardwood floors, a den (think office!), nice corner lot, and manifestress says that it appears to be the same size as the house we were hoping to buy before. And! Only $50 more than we're paying now. And lawn maintenance is included.

We're going to see it today after work; wish us luck! This would be wonderful for us; I'm sick of our utter lack of space, and the only reason we were still there is because we liked our landladies. Who are no longer our landladies. My stress level would be so reduced if we just had one more room. Which it looks like we can get with this for only $50 more a month.

A short-sleeved horizontal-with-varying-thicknesses-striped sweater in black, silver, and shades of purple. Usual jeans. No earrings. Hair down for the second day in a row. Yes, that's rare, but I'm getting to kinda like how it looks. Damn Master making me all girly; I generally stick it back in pigtails just to get it the hell out of my face. Master makes me want to look pretty. *pout*

Witpunk here at lunch. Also Liaden chapbooks borrowed from copycatjsh. At home - well, our comic book shipment just came in yesterday. :)

Anyone have opinions on 1602? I didn't see that end coming, but that was likely because the art was so horrible...

dindin's coming to town! JavaMonkey meetup, y'all? Same bat-time, same bat-channel?

Also! We need a ride to pick her up from the airport! She's coming in at 10:54. Help?

And that is all for now. *bows grandiosely*
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