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Happy Thursday!

Hello to new reader starmind!

Warp Speed
First set of grade rolls is due by 10 AM. I'd gotten and turned in 50% by yesterday; I got all but one in my mailbox overnight. Good professors. I will bake cookies. The one who hasn't turned his in yet is dependable... but his final exam was 4:30-7:00 PM yesterday! He will probably get it in this morning. One hopes.

I feel like I should have a big stamp and echo-y voice like in Monster House - "DONE!"

And now I get to start harassing people about the second set, due tomorrow.

Last Night's Angel
Slashiest. Episode. Evar.

iTunes Meme
You have until 4:00 PM to work on this, at which point all answers will be revealed. Have fun!

Atlanta Folks!
dindin will need a ride from the airport at 10:54 AM on Saturday. Who will step forth to claim the honor?

Van Helsing
Those of you who are joining us for the Van Helsing preview tonight, be aware that the movie starts at 7:00. The line will be insane, and it's first come, first seated, so I highly recommend that you get there by 6.

We have four three two passes left. Who wants 'em? You can meet me on line to get them... but make sure you say something here, as I'd hate to have you schlep out there only to find that there is no longer a pass for you.

And yes, I've heard that it sucks, but I'll be happy looking at Hugh Jackman for two hours, thanks. Mmm. Wolvie.

Speaking of Wolvie
What X-Man would you most like to schtup?
What X-Man would you most like to date?

EDIT: Yes, of course this applies to X-women as well. It's just that the team is called X-Men.

I'd do Wolvie in a hot second. The man is sex. Why the hell is Jean with Scott?

As for dating... Colossus, absolutely, with Nightcrawler as a very close second.

Yes, I'm a geek.

Falling Behind
I didn't do any writing yesterday. Yipes! I shall redouble my efforts at lunch today.

And that is all for now.
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