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Happy Wednesday!

Happy birthday to catvalente!

Hello to new reader harold3!

Shayara continuity
For those who've expressed a frustration with my out-of-order posting, I'll start working on a timeline that I can put on my website; I'll link to the snippets from the timeline.

My brain does not work in a linear fashion, is the problem.

And at this rate... it might be easier to publish this as text-with-illustrations rather than as a comic. I'll be exploring that. And if I do that, I'll start being more linear. Writing things in order... concept! But yeah, I'll do my best to get those snippets in order for y'all.

zarhooie has become very attached to Lyric and has therefore created a "fanlisting" for her. I'm not clear on what that is, precisely... I'm not into fandom. But it's at speaksinsong.

*waits for the "my fandom" icons to start popping up*

Our new property manager doesn't return phone calls. That, combined with my frustration at the cramped-ness of our house... I'm looking to move. In the same area, of course - in EJ's school district if possible, but we can lie to keep her in her school if necessary. We still need to be about this distance from work.

So I'll be calling someone manifestress recommended about that. Wish me luck...

Mail Call!
Thanks for the lovely little cards, arethinn! *bounce*
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