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Bad Things and Good Things

Bad Thing: When a professor interrupts you at lunch... to tell you that the classroom you reserved for his group exam already has a class in it.

Good Thing: Having three classrooms that he can put his classes in.

Bad Thing: Trying to deal with the registrar's office... "I know Dr. L. is scheduled in MSC E208. Look one name down on the confirmation that you e-mailed me. That says the Dr. B. is confirmed for WH 208. There is someone else in WH 208."

Good Thing: Coming back from the second half of your lunch to find an e-mail from the registrar saying that she researched the issue, found the mistake, and it was entirely her fault, and offering her apologies.

Gah. Shaking like lughby over here. Between this and our intranet system screwing up the date of an exam so half of the students who should've been at one of yesterday's thought their exam was today - and now we have to figure out how to make that up before they all freakin' leave town... thank the gods there are no graduating seniors in that class. Can you say screwed? I thought you could.

Dear fuck, people.
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