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On writing as coping mechanism

wispfox and I were talking about MPD/DID the other night, I forget why, and she expressed surprise that - given the shittiness of my childhood - I'd never split. I told her about how I had stopped talking when I was eight and then, when I resumed speech, was mildly echolalic for a while.

And she said, "So that's where Lyric came from!"

"Yeah... all of the characters are pieces of me, really."

"But maybe that's why you never split - because you were able to work these things out through your characters."


That makes a lot of sense.

I posted before, a while ago, about how Lyric is the character who's most like me, in a way. She has no words of her own, so instead she uses the words of others.

I do speak, I do have my own words... but a lot of things come out in my characters that wouldn't otherwise. As noted yesterday, I'm sometimes pretty surprised by what comes out of their mouths.

Maybe that's why.

So Capri can feel sexually safe and fully loved, so Katrianna can draw in and be watchful and Tess can be a mother figure and Fenris can be a hardass and Donna can be a keeper of memory and Kieran can be struggling to keep his nobility and Jason can, well, do what Jason does and Alanna can be profoundly broken and Napalm can suffer the way he does and Ryan can be a guide and Shawn a slightly-lost soul and Julia's struggle for self-definition and pushing against who she's told she's supposed to be and and and....

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