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Happy Tuesday!

Hello to new readers bridgetester, captain_bob, kyranjaye, spudgirl, and tauzero! Wow. That's a heavy gain for a zero-content day.

Zero Content
The thing is, storystuff is eating my brain. And I don't want to overwhelm people with stuff that just makes them go "huh?" Hence the recent fluff.

There are things going on in my life other than that! I shall make more of an effort to talk about them.

Writing Time
I do not get much time to write. This is not a surprise to anyone who's been reading me for more than a week. I've been managing to grab a bit at lunchtime, at least.

But if you're in my house, and I disappear for five minutes to follow the thread of the interesting conversation that two characters (Julia and Kieran) were having at lunch - five minutes! - and yendi tells you I just darted away for a little writing time...

I'd appreciate that not snidely being called "being antisocial". It's not like I'm dicking around on LJ. I'm sitting on the bathroom floor, because the bathroom is the only space in my house that I can lay claim to for five minutes, and I'm writing, which to me is as necessary as breathing.

Thank you, drive through.

Speaking of Which
A snippet. Not yesterday's work, because that has spoilers. Keep in mind that this is a straight braindump, even more so than when I type; handscribbling is less organized.

Capri and Halloran - ten years after the Purges, five years after Our Story Begins. They're both in their twenties now. And she's kinda frustrated. This is in the middle of a segment, but the first part's weaker than this and will get a bit of work when I type the whole thing up. In the first part, she's caught him with shields down and found out that he actually is very much in love with her, despite his inner struggle to continue seeing her as his ward, although she's been All Grown Up for six years now.

He sighed deeply. "Kip... it's not like that. You have this- "

Her eyes flashed dangerously. "Do not say puppy love."

"Hero worship."

"Not going to deny that you're my hero, Daniel... but it's not just that. If you'd just let me show you, if you'd just touch my mind-"

"No! I'd... it's not safe. It wouldn't be fair to you, it could push my feelings onto you - gods, I'm like a father figure to you-"

"A what? Aaagh!" She drove her hands into her hair in frustration. "Do you - aagh! Daniel. No. Never. I have a father. He is nothing like you. Yes, there was hero worship at the beginning, but - we've been together for ten years, you idiot. Puppy love doesn't last that long. Sure, we bonded when I was twelve - but I have been in love with you since I was sixteen. You are everything a man should be in my eyes. I love you. Real love, and don't think I can't tell the difference. For crying out loud, see that."

"I can't-"

"Sit," she commanded him.


Eyes flaring, she pointed to the nearest chair. "SIT."

Confused, he obeyed...
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