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Authorial Love

Me: Capri! Love my girl.
murnkay: Hehe love her so much you do horrible things to her ;) Author love is so odd.

So true.

Very few of my characters... wait. Are there any? ... live a life free of Major Trauma. Some have happy endings, at least. I mean, Capri - parents killed in front of her, psychic trauma of feeling hundreds of people die, but she gets through this and actually finds her soul mate and they have an idyllic relationship and, well, then she has one other horrible trauma. But it's not as bad as the Purges. And then she lives happily ever after!

Napalm... that boy gets put through a lot of shit, let me tell you, but I want to avoid spoilers. The Purges aren't a spoiler because they happened four years before Our Story Begins and are referenced in the very first issue.

Oh, yes, Fenris - lives with the misplaced guilt of failing to save his One True Love. Despite how much I've written on that here, it's not as hamfisted in the comic; he's a hardass in general, but he does have those dark spots.

Ryan! Ryan doesn't go through - no, wait, watched his best friend get murdered by Alanna. Okay.


I got nothin'. Or, rather, I might, but not in my brainmeats at present.

Fellow writers: How are you on this? What tortures have you submitted your characters to?
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