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Way hey and away we go....

wishing_hole has been brought to my attention. Ganked from amberite:

It's a permanent place for anonymous confessions. IP logging off, anonymous commenting on.

Here are the rules:

1) No being mean to people. I'm all for vitriol, and Lord knows I love to bitch. But the Wishing Hole shouldn't turn into a Flame Hole. You may refer to people or things you do not like, and even say why, as long as you are not doing so in a way that would make it obvious to anybody who you're talking about. (e.g. "I really hate it when people on my friends list don't use cut tags" is okay; "This one certain person on my friends list who has brown hair and likes spinach doesn't ever use cut tags and it makes me hate them and I bet you all know who I'm talking about nudge nudge wink wink" is not.) If you say anything mean about anybody, I'll delete your entry and lock up the post and you will have ruined the fun for everyone. Don't make me stop this car, kids. 'Cause I will.

2) Don't friend the wishing hole. It'd make it less anonymous. You all know how to type URLs into the URL box. It's not too inconvenient.

3) Work-unsafe text, yes. Work-unsafe pictures, no. We'll all assume that The Man won't lay the smack down if someone says "fuck", but a lot of us will be gazing into the hole during working hours, and some of us might get in trouble if you've posted pictures you ganked off of back when it was still up and running.

4) You may advertise the hole in your journal, but you must include these rules. Got it? Good.


I know there are those who've really enjoyed my anonymous confession threads, so here you go; and wishing_hole is on top of things - s/he's already deleted comments for inappropriate content. So don't think you'll get away with it.

No, I haven't commented. Yet.
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