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*double take*

Things that will attract the attention of the shadesong part I - Men.

* Dreadlocks. Yes, even and especially white-boy dreadlocks. Layne had a dreadlock mohawk that he never spiked up, with little bits of metal embedded in the dreads. Now dreads always draw my eye. (reflection inspired by seeing a student with dreads.)

* Tall men. I'm 4'11". I've dated men ranging in height from 5'2" to 6'4". The shorter guys aren't bad at all, understand... but the tall ones catch my eye first.

* Long hair. Need I say more?

I shall likely be adding to this throughout the day. And yes, the brain is the most attractive body part; I'm just talking about things that'll attract me on first sight.


EDIT: Duh! This is one of my main ones: Large hands. If you have large hands, you will notice me staring at them. Instant squirminess for large hands. volta can span my lower back with just one of his.
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