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Happy Monday

Hello to new readers brycen and prodigaldax!

I am muchly pleased. Four pages in deyaniera's story request, and I fixed something in continuity that Wasn't Right because the character involved just wouldn't do that; it was the way I wanted things to go, but he simply would not have done it. So.

I have a wispfox sleeping on my couch! It rocks having her here... Elayna likes her too. :)

You Shrank!
mcsnee came over last night to meet wispfox and was stunned by the weight loss. Is there anyone else who hasn't seen me in a few months? Come on over. I love the jawdrop.

Writerbrain redux
wispfox and I stayed up late last night, as I was rambling on about Shayara. I apologized at the end of that for going on and on about my writing, and she said, "You say that as if your writing wasn't your life!"

More on that later, I believe.

I got the shirt I'd been raving about... and a skirt of the same material in black. Very formfitting. Love them.

Also I found out that I'd misguaged my bra size again; I'm not a 34B, I'm a 32C. So I hadn't lost as much in the cup size as I'd thought; I'd just lost more 'round the ribs.

Nympho Niagra!
If you wish to purchase the most excellent product that I raved about recently, you may do so here, and I recommend that you do.
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