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Happy Friday!

Happy early birthday to seanhtaylor, who advances a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader cherrystems!

wispfox tomorrow! wispfox tomorrow! So verily, I shall use my Fizzgig icon in honor of this occasion, because she has one too.

Much love for the Fizzgig, y0.

Quote of the day last night
"If you wanna be immortal
You gotta have something to trade in..."
--Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel, "Anything (Viva!)"

Black V-neck shirt, jeans. Hair in braids.

Witpunk at lunches. Encountering Kali, Seized, and a Theodore Sturgeon short story collection at home.

wispfox! No plans yet for Saturday. Maybe I can coerce someone into taking us back to the mall, if it's okay with wispfox, because that shirt I tried on at Anthropologie has been on my mind all week, so I really need to get it.

I never thought I'd actually want to go to a mall.

Anyway! Atlanta folks, stay tuned for weekend plans!

Okay. Thassall.
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