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Happy Thursday!

Hello to new readers [Bad username: adamzombie"], puppetmaker40, sdaisyk, tigereyes20151, zevhonith, and the other two people who added me after Joule ran so I'll have to greet you by name tomorrow.

Morning Pages
I am so sucking at doing these. The problem is that I keep getting to bed too late, so it's difficult to get up in the morning in enough time to do them! I actually did them at work today, hence the lateness of my morning post.

As a result of my morning pages, though, I know a little bit more about Tal and how the rift between he and Tiala developed. Which is good, because I don't want to work with cardboard cutout characters; Tal's not The One-Dimensional Bad Guy. If I do this right, you'll be able to see the how and why.
Speaking of which, I'm surprised that those of you who read Shayara avidly haven't picked up on a little something in that prologue that answers the question a few of you have asked.

And that's enough about my writing for right now.

wispfox will be in town this weekend! *bounce* I'm really looking forward to this... she an utter sweetie and as nutty as I am and this is going to be ever so much fun!

It's the event Elayna looks forward to all year - the Girl Scout Spring Camporee! She's leaving tomorrow, straight from school - but the troop leader was shocked when I said I wouldn't be there to send her off and fill out her health form.

Cluetrain! I have a job. Y'all are leaving straight from school. I don't need to drive her anywhere. I can't take half an hour off work just to go fill out your form. Leave it with your co-leader, who works for the after-school program. I will pick it up today. I will send it in tomorrow.


Okay, done now.
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