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More poll answers!

deyaniera -- For those of us not on your Blog-a-Thon sponsors filter, is there a way to get the good stuff you've been putting up there? :)

Yes! Donate money to The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. Forward me your e-mail confirmation, and I will gladly add you to the filter.

twisteddaydream -- You said in a comment that you want to publish Shayara as a comic, but would you ever publish your stories from the comic after the comic is published?

Modified to prose? I don't know that there'd be a market for de-picture-fied versions orf the comics, but if there was, I don't see why not.

i_descend -- I dreamed about Fenris last night. Does this mean I'm crazy?

I don't think so - but I hope it means I'm doing a good job. :)

scathedobsidian -- Is this going somewhere, like Babylon Five, or is the future of the story dynamic?

Oh, it's going somewhere. We have a lot of time to work with in between, but there's a definite outline, and I already know exactly what the final page is going to be.

avivasedai -- Are there voices who haven't really spoken up yet? They've been with you a while; who has yet to be fully fleshed out?

There are plenty of voices that you guys haven't heard! As for me... I have over 150 characters here. They're mostly tertiary, but whenever I take a good hard look at any one of them, I begin to see underpinnings, interconnections. Hell, a year or two agao, Fenris was a cardboard cutout of a guy; it wasn't til I looked that I "discovered" that he was actually Capri's birth father, etc.

gothwalk -- Would you ever consider releasing or selling novel, film, or TV series rights?

Well, if there's a novel, I'm writing it. As for the others... I'd like to say "not unless I maintain creative control", because the idea of other people fucking with my story makes me all twitchy, but realistically - if they wave a sizeable check in my face - I'm not rich.

I dunno.

deyaniera -- What kinds of rituals do you do for Kali?

I'm not really a ritual girl... I'm very informal.

twisteddaydream -- Can I add you to my list of people I would like to meet this summer? :P

Add away! *grin*

museumfreak -- Tell me about your first D/s experience.

That's... hard to define. I'll work on it.

scathedobsidian -- What do you think of me? I've always gotten a funny reading off of you.

In what sense? You seem to be a perfectly nice guy. :)

molly_grue -- Would you please pimp my Bookcrossing bookshelf? Info is on my user page and items do get added. Thanks!

You heard the lady - go look at her bookshelf!

I'll pimp it "above the fold", too; remind me?

avivasedai -- What do you think Elayna has done for your Mother's Day celebration?

Not a damn thing yet; she runs late. :)

gothwalk -- I've asked this before; let's see if you've an answer yet: 20 years from now. What are you doing?

Mmmm. If I get my way... I'd be retired, sort of; yendi and volta will be payin' the bills while I stay home and keep house and write, and do volunteer work at the rape crisis center.

Incidentally, we've discussed that here-and-now, and the guys are not only okay with that; they'd prefer it!

Elayna would be 29 then, so I might be watching my grandkids part-time, even. :)

I'd hope to be published by then, certainly. And I'd hope to be living outside the city. Hate cities. Grimy and packed full of people. Yuck.

And I want a dog.

More than anything.... I just want time to write, time to keep my house in order so I don't cry in sheer frustration like I do now, time for my daughter, though she'll probably be working...

And time to just be alone.
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