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D*Con ponderings

The very idea of going to DragonCon as a guest... my brain rejects it. Because who the hell am I? I'm just zis girl. I don't *do* anything. I'm going to have a Shayara preview published in Shooting Star Comics Anthology later this year, but not til after the con. Other than that, I'm LJ-semifamous just for being LJ-semifamous. Like Pia Zadora. If she had an LJ.

Arisia was different; it was a small con. alphafenris suggested that I could be a panelist - but Arisia's panels were only a few dozen people. DragonCon is st00pid hy00ge.

Plus, happypete took over and shanghaied me into the Arisia panels!

And I thought of doing a reading, but immediately abolished that thought, because what if I stumble over my words?

So. I dunno. I feel like I ought to do something public - because dammit, one way or another, comics or short stories/novels or memoirs, I am going to be published and people are going to read what I have to say, dammit. Do not disbelieve that for an instant. I am a stubborn little bitch.

So I ought to practice.

But I'm shy.

EDIT: And indirectly speaking of which, it baffles me that there are two people in shayara that have shayara listed as their only "friend", which would imply that they're on LJ just to be on shayara, which is freakin' weird because I never bloody well post anything there.

I should post something there. No idea what, though.
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