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Snippets from issue 6

Lyric's vocabulary is very limited in the beginning. It's something I have to be careful of. Her vocabulary expands as Napalm takes her under his wing; he devotes himself to giving her more music, more words, and soon she's using lyrics from '80s hair bands and pop-punk...

Napalm: “I’m telling you, man, this whole multiple personality thing freaks me the hell out.”

Johnathan: “Yeah. Heard you the first hundred times. Get over it, dude; you’re no prize yourself, y’know.”

The door slides open, and Lyric is framed in the sunlight, Tess immediately behind her, Adam behind them, looking over his shoulder anxiously. Lyric looks tiny and petrified, all big violet eyes and black curls, wearing a threadbare denim dress and little sandals. Her eyes meet Napalm’s and, for once, Napalm has no words. Pause for a panel.

Tess: “Come on, Amy, into the van, okay? Johnathan, can you move to the back seat?”

Johnathan nods and moves. Napalm extends a hand to the fearful Lyric. She trembles, bites her lip, Adam, quietly, “Tess, NOW.” Tess nods and places her hand on Lyric’s arm, gently coaxing…. Her eyes dart, birdlike, meet Napalm’s, and she takes his hand; he helps her into the van, and Adam and Tess enter the van as quickly as possible, start it up, drive away. Still holding her hand, Napalm says his signature bit: “Aisling Fisher. Napalm. I blow shit up.”

Lyric: “I’ll be no one.” (Kasey Chambers, “The Captain”)

Napalm looks puzzled. Tess: “Ais, this is the primary personality, the one who’s up front the most. No known name. Mental age of about ten… she’s echolalic, speaks only in song lyrics. I’ve been calling her Amy, that’s the… the body’s name, for lack of a better term-“

Lyric, insistently, “I’ll be no one."

Tess, softly. “Honey, it’ll be easier if we can call you by a name. Maybe Echo?”

Lyric, stubborn: “I’ll be-“

Johnathan speaks up from the back seat. “Echo’s a Daredevil adversary, created by David Mack. Can’t call her Echo.”

Napalm mutters, “Thank you, geek boy.” Everyone’s quiet. Lyric’s looking out the window, her hand splayed on it, wistful. Napalm speaks up. “If she only talks in lyrics… what about Lyric?”

Everyone except Adam turns to look at first Napalm, then Lyric. Lyric looks puzzled, but not offended. “Sing a song,” she says bemusedly. (Sesame Street, “Sing a Song”)

Napalm nods. “Yeah, like singing a song. Your name can be like a song.”

Lyric: “I write the songs that make the whole world sing?” (Barry Manilow)

Napalm: “Yeah, kinda like that.”

Lyric nods and smiles. Napalm grins in response. Tess’s looking from one of them to another, bemused. Napalm seems to remember himself at this point – he starts visibly, then turns to look out the window. Lyric’s smile falters; she looks down at her hands in her lap, then out her window, and we cut to an exterior view of the van.


And another door opens, elsewhere: Tessa & crew’s hotel room, a new one, a two-bedroom suite. Napalm is leaving his room to get a drink from the fridge; he opens a can of Coke and chugs it. The clock on the microwave reads 3:17. He turns to return to his room… and sees Lyric sitting on the floor, wide awake, watching him, clad in oversized pajamas. He approaches her slowly so as not to startle her, and says, “Hey.” She looks up at him mutely. “Hey,” he says again. “You can’t sleep?”

Lyric, hands under her chin, balanced on her knees: “I’m finding it hard to do anything.” (Manilow, “Can’t Smile Without You”)

Napalm, sitting crosslegged next to her: “Want to talk about it?”

She shakes her head. “No more words.” (Missing Persons, “No More Words”)

Napalm: “Okay, no more words, gotcha.”

They sit quietly, companionably – no pressure. Napalm starts to hum. She watches him, fascinated. Then, quietly, he starts to sing… “When I see you smile…I can face the world… ohhhh, y’know I can do anything…”

She squeaks, excited. He looks startled. “Sorry, I – wait. You liked that?” She nods excitedly. He grins. “You need more words.” She nods again, bouncing. He smiles. “Okay. More words.”

Cut to Tess, in bed… she looks up at her clock. 4:30. She can hear broken bits of singing faintly... she gets up and pads to her door, opens it a crack, to see Napalm sitting on the floor singing, with a rapt Lyric in front of him, attenuated to his every word. Tess relaxes against the doorframe and smiles. Issues closes with Napalm singing, “As long as I’m the hero of this little girl…”
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