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Because I'm bored off my ass.

daonnan -- when can we go?

Dude. I so wish.

thevault -- Who's your favorite character and why?

That changes! I tend to be madly in love with whoever I'm currently concentrating on. Right now, Tiala. Before that - and still Up There - Fenris and Jessamyn. I even love the character who's going to destroy the utopia that Shayara was in the beginning.

And I love different characters for different reasons. Napalm is witty and hella cute and fun, but I love him because of his heart; he's got more love in him than almost anyone. I love Alanna in her fitful rages and fragility, I love Katrianna in her silence, Shawn in his innocence, Fenris in his broken heart and feral nature.

I have too many favorites!

phinnia -- Is long hair on men a cultural thing there or is it just because long hair on guys is sexy? (Or alternatively, yes). I noticed a lot of xana's drawings of men were longhaired. Coincidence?

Hee! I just find long hair on men really hot. It's not a cultural thing.

X'Ana tends to draw the guys very bishounen (pretty), we had to work harder on Halloran and Fenris to get them manly Though that doesn't preclude long hair; witness Fenris.

Just. Yeah. Hot. *daydreams*


daonnan -- how is the lamictal trating you, I might go back on

I'm doing okay these days! I have my appetite back for the most part, and I'm only rarely having the vertigo.

thevault -- If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? :D

You know it, darlin'. :)

phinnia -- Where's the best place to start reading Charles De Lint?

Dreams Underfoot, his first short story collection.
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