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Poll Answers

About Shayara... I see this was unclear. Shayara's the comic book I'm writing. There were questions asked that I think were about Elayna. :)

Shayara ones first!

imortalscot -- Is a timeline available?

I have my timeline, which is of course chock full of spoilers. A spoiler-free timeline for the benefit of the reader is a worthy idea.

aussie_nyc -- When is that in-print thing happening? Can I get a signed copy?

This fall, provided m0usegrrl gets settled in and drawing in time to have the pages to seanhtaylor in June. And yes.

reprobayt -- Have you decided if you will do anything for DragonCon?

Well, the issue of Shooting Star won't be out yet, so there's not really anything to do; we have no product!

brother_bliss -- Will the Lishaya show in the flesh?


blky -- When will we see an addition to the Shayara webpage? :)

Ai! That page needs a total overhaul. I hate frames. Anyone wanna volunteer to be my web designer?

I *do* have more stuff to put up there...

I think these are about Elayna.

theindiequeen -- What is her favorite song?

That changes so often... but right now, it's "Matilda" by Harry Belafonte.

josephgrossberg -- Do you think she'll want to know who her birth father is?

I've told her that his name is Layne and that he's not a part of our lives; I can elaborate more later. She's not unduly focused on it.

imortalscot -- How come you are never on AIM?

No time!

aussie_nyc -- Had you considered naming tables for cartoon network shows?

No. No, I had not. Thank you for putting that idea in Yendi's head.

reprobayt -- What ever happened to the plans for a LEWD calendar? :)

I completely forgot about the idea. Wanna help me plan it?

wolflady26 -- What, exactly, _are_ "stealth pigtails"?

Pigtails tied at the name of my neck - they are stealthy because from the front, they don't look like pigtails.

brother_bliss -- what are you reading? If anything..also have you look at gowns for the wedding?

I just finished Running with Scissors by Augusten Burrows and Swan Sister, edited by Windling & Datlow; I'm in the middle of an anthology called Witpunk, and plowing through a stack of magazines. And I already have my wedding dress.

ytaya -- How do you turn your brain off enough to listen to whoever else may be there? Cos mine just won't shut up.

Lots of practice... it's hard to get mine to shut up, too!

rubian77 -- who are "les pathetiques"?

People who've chosen to make a lifestyle out of hating me.

blky -- What exactly is "LEWD"? :)

See "Cast of Characters" post from earlier today. :)

theindiequeen -- Have you ever seen the film Hedwig and the Angry Inch?

Yep! Good stuff. I want the tribute album!
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