Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Happy Monday

Happy birthday to fiannatiger!

Hello to new readers bleuraven, hatfullofhope, karnythia, and long-time lurker weofodthignen!

Here we go...
Last day of classes. And so it begins.

This is your warning that I will not be keeping up with my friends list as I should be.

If you don't read LJ over the weekend...
I made an important post. And Miss Alice Tatterdemalion wrote a pantoum. And that's all I'll say on the topic; I'm done now.

Also, if you like my Shayara stuff, I posted an "in the beginning"-ish thing and would, as always, like feedback. I'll go repost it on writerbrain; those of you not on my reading list, go add writerbrain if you want to read it.

And those of you who sponsored me in last year's Blog-A-Thon will find the Fenris & Jessa story posted in a special filter just for you.

State of the 'song
I'm off pain meds entirely, and can open my mouth almost all the way again; go me! I'm just waiting to be 100% before I go in to get the other tooth fixed.

Mental/emotional state - I'm okay now. I wasn't okay. But now I feel that I am. Posting helped tremendously.

No Connection
Our internet connection is intermittent at best today. Stupid Coca-Cola University. So it'll take me a while to catch up on my reading list and answer all of your comments, but I will get to it.

I am so very tired.


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