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We are Jack's Total Exhaustion.

Hi! I've been up for 25 hours, so this may be non-linear.

The reason this is going here is so we don't have to make ten phone calls. Here is your update.

Those of you who know our beloved sibylla know that she's been having seizures that scare the bejeezus out of all of us. Getting seen by a doctor has been difficult, since she has no health insurance... but mermaidblue and I had been saying that if she had one more in our presence, we were getting her cute li'l ass in an ambulance ASAP.

Well, last night, she had one. Two, actually. Both tonic-clonic, both violent. The first one lasted eight minutes... we called during about minute two of that. The second one was about eight, nine minutes; the ambulance arrived in the middle of that one, and sibylla and kaliwohi and mermaidblue and I all dashed off to the hospital.

Where we stayed for seven hours.

Lots of timewasting and stupidity on their part. Par for the course. I packed books and bottle water, so we had that....


They did a CT scan. That is the big news right there. Our Lisa has had a CT scan, so we now know that she does not have a slow bleed or a brain tumor. Considering her set of symptoms, that was *not* beyond the realm of possibility. So that is a tremendous relief.

Otherwise... they dunno. Referral to the neurologist. If they can't get an appointment within the week, go back to the ER. I dunno. And they gave her some Ativan.

I'm so frustrated and tired; Sibylla, even moreso. But *something* got done, at least...

There'll be more detail later.
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