Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Secretary's Day!

Joule is still down, so I know four people added me, but I was only able to pick out copycatjsh - because I met him last night - and dtaylor. *waves* Welcome to the insanity!

Wisdom Teeth
Those of you who've had wisdom teeth taken out - when does it stop hurting? During the day, Advil mostly controls it, because I take it whenever it starts to ache, but I wake up at night in *serious* pain. When is this gonna stop? I mean, I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in a week now. Sleep dep + constant pain = really taking a toll on me.

A Most Delightful Evening
Here's to new friends! [Bad username: the vault] and copycatjsh came over last night. There was pizza, there was ice cream, there was Fruits Basket (which is unutterably cute), and there was much conversation. Vault and I are entirely too much alike. copycatjsh and yendi are quite a lot alike, too. Oh, and tsarinanic, copycatjsh looks just like Ryan, it's freakin' spooky.

But yeah. Was silly anime and us talking all over each other and laughing and stuff and that is precisely what I needed. And Vault brought me... it's not really origami, what is it, like a geodesic model? of Venus. Keen. :)

One is silver and the other gold
And I shall be hanging out tonight with mermaidblue (and possibly also my fellow crow girl... and ashlupa, you wanna come over too?), which I have not done in a shamefully long time. Much to discuss.

Morning Pages
What's coming out in my morning pages so far is a lot of anger, frustration, stressors. I'm totally freewriting, so this stuff just leaps out of me. Some of it is stuff that I was aware of, but it's just getting fleshed out more.... some is stuff that I didn't think was bothering me that much.

Releasing the Lessons
The poll will continue to run. I'll be doing this this weekend.

Post of the Day
From myrrhdusa: The Old Woman on the Porch. Go read that. *nod*

Right, then. I go now.
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