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I am telling you that the information is on our website

a. because then you can review it at your leisure and
b. because I don't want to read the information that's on the website out loud to you, and I wouldn't even if I wasn't half in tears waiting for the Advil to kick in because I'm trying not to rely too hard on the vicodin.

And you, person #2, when you ask how to get a tutor and I hand you a list and tell you that it is of grad students who tutor in their spare time,

a. I cannot ethically recommend just one of them, and
b. Of course they're qualified, and not one of them is more qualified than others; they all teach the exact same courses.

And both of you and all of the rest of you get out of my face because can't you see I have a towering stack of evaluations and of grade rolls, in addition to the jaw pain and mental whirlwind that you can't see? Go away! The lot of you!

*pant* *pant*

6:00 - pizza and ice cream and anime.
6:00 - pizza and ice cream and anime.
6:00 - pizza and ice cream and anime.

So ummyeah I'm not gonna be on LJ for a bit.
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