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On Venus, Have We Got a Rabbi!

thevault asked me something via e-mail just now. I am showing it to you because I feel like it, dammit.

Vault: Meanwhile, what's your favorite planet, out of the nine or so we've got?

Me: I am so posting that.

When I was a kid, in science class, they were talking about interplanetary travel. And the teacher said that if you landed on Mercury, you'd burn up, la la la...

So. Venus. He said that if you landed on Venus....

The atmosphere is so thick that it would literally crush you. And it's pure poison, so not only would you be being crunched, you'd be choking to death. And he said. "But you'd be smiling."

"Why?" we asked.

And he grinned and said, "Because you'd be on *Venus*."

Also, there's a great story by William Tenn called "On Venus, Have We Got a Rabbi!"


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