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Happy Tuesday

Joule appears to be down, so I have no idea who added me. I know some people did, because my numbers changed. Hey - wave hi, okay? Thanks.

I just like to know who's reading me. Which seems ridiculous when you look at my list of readers. But I do check out everyone's journal, even though I can rarely add-back these days. And I do occasionally stop by and read those journals that I don't have "friended". I feel like there should be some reciprocation, you know? If you're interested in my journal, I like to get a glimpse of who you are....

I am Jack's Total Exhaustion
I haven't had a good night's sleep since last Wednesday. The vicodin wears off in the middle of the night, you see. Also annoying - you know how, when you have to go to the bathroom, that works its way into your dream? Well. My jaw pain is working its way into my dreams before it wakes me up. So I have not been having happy dreams of late.

Plus I was crying last night, and y'know how when you *really* cry your face does that rictus thing? Yeah. My face hurt a lot after that.

And last night I actually found myself writing the line "I was quiet like a good girl."

Jesus fuck.

But you know what? That was the last secret. I don't have that dark knot of silence in my belly anymore.

Is this what freedom feels like? My brainmeats are all confused.

Sekrit Message
mermaidblue, I got your message (was on the phone with volta and yendi refuses to get Call Waiting on our line)... I just couldn't make out your pager number. You talk too fast! So I left a message for you on the number I have for you, the one that ends in 5. Don't know if that's one you check often. So.

Secretary's Day!
Is tomorrow! I tell you this now so you can buy flowers for your secretary if you have one.

Yes, I know it's officially called Administrative Professionals Day now. Semantics. Secretary is to Administration Professional as Housewife is to Domestic Engineer. I do not do the lofty jumped-up titles. Ain't nothing wrong with being a secretary.

A few years ago, tsarinanic and I worked at the same company. The bosses misses Secretary's Day entirely. So the insurance secretary put a clipping about it on the CEO's desk the next day.

The day after that, the CEO called everyone into the workroom and declared that everyone in the company was an Administrative Professional, so - pizza all around!

Fuck that. Secretaries do the most work for the least money, we are the ones who keep the office running, and we damn well deserve a day of recognition!

Okay. Shutting up now.
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