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Now family-friendly!

Everyone and their grandmother knows that I keep a blog... but I so do not want my family reading this one! I really lack the ability to self-censor... especially because there are some inherent things about me that my family would be thoroughly unable to cope with.

But my birthmom, at least - and her brother and sister-in-law as well, I think - is really interested in reading my writing. I thought about setting up another LJ account (that's what _shadesong_ is) that would be more family-friendly, but being on LJ, she'd wander over here in a heartbeat. So I set one up at BlogSpot.

As I said in the first (and so far only) post over there, I'm planning to be a lot more linear and sense-making over there. And I won't generally be mirroring posts, unless I do something that I really think needs to be read by everyone and their grandmother. :)

So! I've created a syndicated feed - shadesong_blog - for those of us too lazy to go to sites that aren't LJ. Ta-da!

And now I shall go fiddle around with it some more.

EDIT: A note... if you want to comment on the entry, go to BlogSpot! I won't be reading the comments on the LJ feed. And do please remember not to get raunchy over there. :)
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