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Testing time

This week is CRCT Test week.

I'm biting my nails over here.

See, this is how it is. There's this magnet school that I want Elayna in. Math and sciences school; those are her favorite subjects. It's for fourth to sixth grade. It's full of kids who operate on her level. Smart kids, kids who love learning, love research and challenges, just like Miss Kid....

Only one rising fourth grader per school gets in.

Only one.

Now, Elayna's extremely intelligent. Granted, I'm biased, but the kid is exceptional. Her only problem in a situation like this is that she's prone to get cocky, careless. The only mistakes she made on the practice tests were careless ones.

Her school.... I love Montessori method (it's an experimental public school using Montessori method), I love her teacher. But she's being dragged down. She's in a class with first and second graders as well as third graders... and she conforms to the behavior of those around her. So, as evidenced by yesterday's writing marathon, she's intelligent, organized, and well-behaved....

Except when you stick her in a room full of lowest-common-denominator kids, kids who want to goof off rather than do research, kids who just act infantile. She devolves, socially. Her teacher sees this. She's markedly better as a student when she goes one-on-one or in small groups. She's excelling in the gifted program, and she's really enjoying that. But then they have to throw her back in the pool of shrieking morons. And she conforms.

I want her to be with kids like her. I want her to have the opportunity to do classwork that she'll enjoy. I want her to have teachers who are able to give her what she needs because they don't have to waste huge chunks of their days on third-graders who can barely read "Dick and Jane".

I sound intellectually-snobbish. I won't deny that. I just want her to be with kids like her. To have the time to devote to learning more about things she loves.

But I can't pressure her. And for that - and for the probability that she won't want to leave her "boyfriend" - I can't tell her about the magnet school.

So I have to hope with all my might that she pays attention and doesn't get careless this week. Because I know she can do this.
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