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Writing marathon pics

Copying these over from manifestress's LJ, since her LJ is friends-only... and yes, she's given me blanket permission to copy any pics involving me or Miss Kid over here. :)

Elayna's met manifestress numerous times, but it was yesterday that they really started to bond. Elayna started out writing in the kitchen with the bulk of the writers, but she soon shifted to manifestress's office. Apparently she didn't pester Karla that much... Miss Kid actually wrote several stories! But she's really started to regard Karla as a friend now.

Warming up! This was when she was waiting for the marathon to begin. She's gotten really into The Babysitters Club; this is book two. She didn't waste a second diving into it...

Her snack? Pretzel sticks and marshmallows. She likes to impale the marshmallows on the pretzels so she can pretend she's roasting them before eating them. She was allowed to pack her own snack bag, and was thrilled with the responsibility of same. She was feeling very independent yesterday!

The first arrivals! From left to right, that's theindiequeen, skyra, satia, and me. I am wearing stealth pigtails in unwashed hair, is why it was so poofy. I'd met satia once before, at michaelnolan's brunch, but she was on the other side of the table, so I didn't get to talk to her; I'm glad I got to do this yesterday, because she is supercool! As was everyone else. daonnan showed up briefly later, but save for manifestress, everyone else was new to me. :)
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