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Shut up and write

When I told Miss Kid that I wasn't up to doing the writing marathon today, she was terribly disappointed. This surprised me...a few days ago, I'd mentioned that we'd be going. When she heard the concept - pick a writing prompt, then write about it for 5, 10, 15 minutes - she was intrigued, but I didn't know how psyched she was for it until I told her I felt too sick and got the dejected response, and the begging...

So when I got a call from manifestress offering to pick us up and drop us back home... I evaluated and accepted, knowing that she'd drop everything and take me home immediately if I started having trouble. When Elayna heard me agree, she *squee!*d, and I swear, that was the quickest getting-dressed *ever* - under a minute, I think. Off with the nightshirt, on with a dress, boom! She was bouncing as she got ready... my ass was dragging, but I was together enough to bring Advil, Vicodin, and a bunch of teabags. And we'd emptied out some binders and filled them with notebook paper.

When we got there, Karla insisted that we raid her notebook collection for nice notebooks, and after an initial "No, I couldn't!", she convinced me. That woman has a metric fuckload of cute notebooks, I tell you! Elayna was still bouncy, and very happy to meet new people. She even wrote out a bunch of writing prompts!

When we had a good-sized group, we began... first, the wonderful satia passed out shiny new notebooks - with the instruction that we had to fill them within a month. We shall meet for coffee in one month's time, and those who fail the assignment shall be taken to task.

We began! Incidentally, the writing prompts are going up on wmga. I encourage the lot of you to go there and complete the assignments in the time given.

Now, I'd just hoped that Elayna would behave and not be an intrusion on the others. To my surprise... she was really into this! Everyone was pleased with how well-behaved she was, and she really got into it, producing several short stories. It's a three-writer family - I'm a very proud mama!

We did about 3-4 assignments, then broke for readings, then more assignments... all in all, about six hours passed, and very quickly. The source of the assignments varied - most were from writing prompts created by the group, but we also used a writer's book of days journal, and several inspiration-card decks. And Elayna wasn't shy in the least! She was happy to make new friends. And she loves RetroHaven.

I'm really glad I went. I was perfectly okay for most of the marathon; I kept loading up on pain meds! And I turned out a respectable mix of fiction and nonfiction, though I mostly just read the nonfiction, as my Shayara stuff can be kinda impenetrable if you don't know anything about the story. But for those of you who do know - Julia's view of the castle, the beginning of the Fall, some good Julia/Kieran and Capri/Kieran interactions, the crushworthy Ryan, and the Library's apparent kitten depository, among other things, were scribbled about.

Again, I was really proud of Miss Kid; she can't wait for the next marathon. Neither can I.

Yes, this is disjointed. Just popped a Vicodin. Whee?
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