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late-ish for me

Don't wanna go to bed! *petulant littlestompybootsdance* When I wake up, I hafta go get my mouth all sliced up. So I don't want to sleep. Because I am perversedly convinced that if I don't sleep, it won't be morning.


Did a stickerbook with Elayna (thanks, manifestress!

She then helped me pick out a song on iTunes (thanks for the Pepsi code, kimeepower!) - Modest Mouse, "The World at Large". Neither of us had heard Modest Mouse before, but we like the song.

AIMed for the first time in a long time - multitasking as I did laundry.

At thevault's online encouragement, I ditched the cleaning and plopped myself on the couch and watched three episodes of Fushigi Yuugi. thevault is a bad influence.

Discovered that my collar key is missing. Um. Eek? Fucking cats. E-mailed volta to request that he order more keys. Will look more later. Will keep new keys in the little zippered pounch in my purse that holds my pillbox.

Read much of Sethra Lavode. Want to finish it tonight - but the words are sliding around on the paper. *pout*

And here I am.

yendi is snoring. Bitch says he doesn't snore. Bitch snores.

I want to sleep with a stuffed animal tonight. I'm gonna go get one. G'night, all...
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