Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Comments on answers to yesterday's poll....really boring except to those who're being answered. If you wanna discuss - e-mail me!

shellefly -- Aiii. :(

sbisson -- Yay!

techempage -- Dude, you cannot just leave it like that. E-mail me!

dreamcowgirl -- Well, I *love* that. So, um, that doesn't mean it's not crazy, but it *does* mean you're not alone!

avivasedai -- good luck!

blow_saidjulian -- *blush*

museumfreak -- Details, woman!

pbmath -- Heh. E-mail me.

raptorgirl -- Doofy as this phrase is to say - you go, girl!

chaoticmatter -- Stop procrastinating on LJ!

piperdawn -- Yeah, it's a mix of oh-come-on-now and intriguing.... I've looked some of that up myself.

wolfieboy -- Aiii.... *hug*

leathermgoddess -- w00t!

felisdemens -- Give it to 'im for me!

vodounsi -- Whoa. /keanu Seriously. *hug* That's gotta be weird.

shannabannanna -- Thank you. :)

sibylla -- Yay!

slvrdream -- So things are *very* confusing... :(

jadedmyrrhmaid -- That's just wrong.

happypete -- Dude... that's something you need to be sure about...

kimeepower -- Me too. :)

kires -- Seriously?

chiisaihito -- Well, dayum. That breaks a few behavioral codes. That ain't right of them.

fings -- Me too! Next time...

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