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Happy Wednesday

Hello to new readers jrcubindy and madronn!

Joule is running about a day behind, so I'm not doing my welcomes very promptly. Which annoys me, as I like to be friendly and wave hi. So if you add me, maybe leave a comment so I'll know you're there?

I intend to do posts on the creation of a safe space and on the fear of moving/change. Remind me.

My sleep schedule is still fucked from this weekend - and I don't anticipate an improvement, as I'm sure I'll be sleeping off anesthetic for much of tomorrow.

Have I mentioned that I'm really freaked out about this? No? Well. I am.

Today's Special
Done with evals, must do book orders all damn day. Must get everything time-sensitive the hell off my desk!

Kill Bill
Pisses me off that I can't go. *growl*

Okay. Catching up on friends page, responding to poll stuffs, then work!
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