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Happy Tuesday!

Happy birthday to albumlady! We need to get together soon, hon...

Hello to new readers manpurse and thevault, and returning reader adric! I know there are more new readers, but Joule has started running off-schedule again. Grr.

"Now undulate."
manifestress called for people to be "canvases" for the credits of a movie about "Atlanta's underground erotic scene". I wandered over on a whim, and it turned out to be most delightful... screw body image, I did the naked hot-tubbing with pretty girls! And I had Dolores French's name painted (and glittered) on my back, and I undulated for the camera. Yes, the little hermit got out of the house. Go me! I should do that again. thevault, sibylla, what credits did you get to be?

vidicon took a picture of my bescrawled and beglittered back; I shall link when he posts it.

Sleepy 'song
Combination of hot tub and very little sleep this weekend - I dozed off at nineish.

Work Stupidity
I'd mentioned a while back that they'd changed the way we process course evaluations, in that now we have to bubble in the call numbers and write in the class names on every evaluation form.

I only have over a thousand evaluation forms. Lucky me! *growl*

So that's why I wasn't on much yesterday, and will only intermittently be on today. Stupid stupid university creatures. Oh! And I need to interrupt my lunch hour to proctor an exam. I don't give a shit what they'll think, I'm bringing cmpriest's book down there and reading. Must know what comes next. (You need to go buy that book. The power of Shadesong compels you.)

I need a new job. No - I need to be a kept woman. But I've gone off on that tangent before. Hell, I need to just put it on my website so I can point to it whenever I feel the need.

Right, then. Must go bubble evaluations. *growl*
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