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On the normal state of my journal

Every so often, I get an influx of new readers. Generally from theferrett's journal. *waves* Hi! Nice to meet you, enjoy your stay, try the veal, tip your waitress.

But I feel the need to say this...

I'm not always interesting.

theferrett is. He puts out these neat tidy fun essays. He has a specific point to every post. Now, I do this sometimes - the kids'-movie post he linked to being one of those times. However, I do plenty of posts that are not at all pointy.

I think the description of "hypergraphia" as it relates to temporal lobe epilepsy (see sickhippo) describes me well. I'm always writing. I write some random-ass shit. And as LJ isn't just a podium, a platform, for me... that comes out here. When I'm away from a computer, I have a little notebook in my purse that I scribble these random thoughts in. But when I'm near a computer... LJ is that notebook. So, interspersed with the planned-out posts like the kids'-movie one and the outgrowth of that, which I plan to post today, you get random stuff that makes me laugh, or notes about my daughter, or musings on my relationships, or exclamations of "mooooose!", or my writing (fiction, nonfiction, comic-book scripts), or silly polls.... and I post a lot!


theferrett and I were musing briefly regarding the different feel of our friends-lists, trying to pinpoint what makes a Ferrett reader different from a 'Song reader, and how our overlap feels about this as well. Because we both have many readers, and our journals are radically different. He says that my readers and I tend to have a more personal relationship (am I remembering that right?). But you know me, I analyze everything to death. And beyond. I raise the dead horse as a zombie and beat it again.

And I genuinely am curious, but I know I'm not likely to find a definitive answer to that. So.

In other news, Elayna has returned from the dentist; her fan club will be pleased to learn that she has no cavities.

Thank you, drive through!
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