Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Kali's a hands-on goddess.

deyaniera wrote the following. It is giggleworthy. Yeah, Kali is *very* involved in the lives of her blades...

Here's hoping you find this as amusing as I did.

Since I wanted to ask you about the whole Yendi-Birthchart thing, and see if you
wanted one, I was getting ready to email you, and I thought 'oh, hey, I should ask
her if she wants a Tarot reading, too!'

'Cept, soon's I thought that I got half-into the 'listening' mode I go into when I
do readings, and I distinctly *heard* a voice telling me that no, I really *didn't*
want to offer you a Tarot reading, because your future belongs to HER.

So, um, /me retreats from listening mode saying "Hi Kali, and thanks for the visit,
but see, I'm a harmless little birdie, and I promise I won't look at 'Song's future
ever again!"

How on earth do you deal with your Diety of choice being SO protective? I think I'd go insane! Then again, I have a RRRREAAAALLY protective Totem, and I guess I can

I do so love personal visits from dieties, though! *giggle* And She *was* happy
that I acknowledged her and that I was planning on asking you before trying to do
the reading. Points for me! *whee!*

And I'm rambling, 'cept I was a little freaked by the whole HOLY SHIT, it's KALI!
*flee* Y'know? She's a little overwhelming. And, duh, you know that...

...yeah, really rambling now. Going to take a nap. Need a nap after that.



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