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Y: "How insane are you?" Me: "About the usual." Y: "Oh, okay."

So I come back from my walk, and I inform yendi that we are going to have four wedding receptions.

And yes, the above exchange then took place.

No, really, see - the wedding and small reception for family and a few friends, right?

Then the big house party for all of our friends, and that can be a potluck kinda thing.

And we both know his mom is going to throw us a reception in Arizona.

And not all of our Florida friends can travel, and Mom will want a few of her friends, so we can have a Florida reception when I bring Elayna down for the winter break.

yendi was unwilling to admit that this makes perfect sense. "What, are you going to have Boston and New York receptions too?"

"That's a great idea!"

Though it was settled that we really don't have enough New York people to justify a reception there; the NY people can just schlep down to Boston. Because 5 receptions might actually be enough.

I still need a wedding icon.
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