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Call to Action

I wish this was an April Fool. It isn't.

Georgia has passed a state consitutional amendment that bans legislation that would allow for gay marriages.

" The proposal, one of the most divisive issues to confront Georgia lawmakers in years, now moves to the state's voters, who must approve it in a Nov. 2 referendum before it can become part of the state constitution."

Well - let's do something about this.

kungfoogirl is spearheading a campaign to bring this fight into the public eye - "It's very important to some of us that it doesn't get ratified. The best way to ensure that it doesn't is to send out mailings and flyers and run ads in newspapers and on TV. Georgia Equality does a good job of doing that, but it's expensive. They are gong to need all the money that they can get, and as quickly as possible."

So - fundraising.

Her main idea is a drag show/bachelor auction. She needs volunteers to be auctioned off, a co-chair to help manage the thing, etc... full details here!

They also need some startup capital. I've advised her to start a PayPal account, as I know some of you out-of-towners would like to help out.

I know this girl. She is for real. And she's doing good work here. Do what you can.

And spread the word through your journal.
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