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Happy Wednesday!

Happy birthday to nnnslogan!

Hello to new readers bethr and justbeast!

Location, Location, Location
Atlanta and ex-Atlanta people. I need a wedding location. Help.

Criteria: Outdoors, with an indoor option for weather... I don't want to have my wedding in a generic hotel ballroom. I did that last time, and it was godawful. Also, the location needs to allow outside catering, as we'll have albumlady catering.

And yes, albumlady, I need to work on the invite list so I can let you know how many people you're cooking for!

The Invite List
This is going to continue to be A Problem, in that I want to celebrate with everyone I know; yendi, however, thinks that 50 is too many. Our family comes out to 24. Our original draft came out to 79. *sigh*

And yes, we could have an unofficial party after the official one, but yendi wouldn't be able to handle it... he *cannot* handle crowds, and one reception in a day is testing his limits.

This is going to drive me crazy.

"You've helped me catch an error. Thanks!"

I hear that a lot. If there's a way for a system to break, it breaks for me... this time, it was the university's new instructor-evaluation system. It was LJ once. No one had gotten above 500 on their reading list and not used reading filters, so LJ staff didn't know about the bug that did not allow one to read over 500 people - it wouldn't display newer "friends" on the friends-page. Despite the fact that the cap is stated as 750. So. They fixed that.

Want to seriously stress-test something? Give it to me.

One loses any incentive to get out of bed that one has when one's favorite cat jumps on the bed, snuggles into you, and starts purring contentedly.

Harmony, Ten Years After
I... know what I want as my reward. But it's too much for something so small on my part! So I've asked what else I can do to earn it.

Aaaaand I have nothing else to say right now.
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