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Happy Tuesday!

Happy birthday to shellefly!

Hello to new reader mistersleepless!

Regarding Rewards
Must get a price range on this, truly. Beginning to toss a few ideas around in my head... I like this corset, but there's no chance of it arriving before Fantasm, more's the pity. Plus I don't know if my weight has stabilized yet. I really hope I don't lose any more; the smallest size the leather pants I love come in is a 2. That corset is actually less expensive that it seems; the price is in Australian dollars.

EDIT: The link works for most people, but a few people are having problems. So just go to - overbust corsets - Spanish Harlot. Thank you and good night.

Another idea is a certain trip.

It is very dangerous to tell me that I can have anything. I need to know what's considered within reason.

I broke mightywombat's brain.
Walking back from Bruster's last night, I came up with an idea that made me giggle uncontrollably. "Okay - we'd need a third person of our belief system to do this. But. shadesong, ocean_song, and undetermined third person...

Kali's Angels."

Right, then. Must work now.
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