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This is related to the luckiness thing from earlier, I guess.

nihilistic_kid reports that the owners of "Science Fiction Mysteries & More" are selling off their entire inventory, with a closing quip of "Anyone want to open an SF bookstore in NYC?"

Naturally, I forwarded this on to murnkay, who should run a bookstore.

murnkay sez: "Ok, let's say I win the books. Then there is rent, licences, fees, taxes. Then there is quitting my job to open a store in a city overrun with chain stores. It's kinda a sudden big leap into something..."

And I said: "I'd do it! But then again, I'm kinda charmed that way."

And I realized that y'know what, yeah, I probably could. Because when I jump feet first into things, they work. It's like the universe rewards me for trusting it.

We have two bookstores and five coffee places within ten minutes of my house, so there isn't a need for any of that here. But if there is a need for anything I do well? I'm sure I'd make it work. :)
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