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stronae once mentioned that he was surprised that, after everything I've been through, I'm still an optimist.

That's wavered in tough times, and I hate that it has... but it always comes back.

I've had a lot of shit happen in my life. Medically, I'm having a lot of shit happening right now, with no foreseeable end to some of it, which, yes, pisses me off when I actually think about it, which I usually don't. And lots of Little Shit, like volta accidentally taking my drivers license back to MA (he had it in his pocket for purposes of concert attendance. And no, I'm not driving today, and he's FedExing it, and thanks again to dark_blade for the ride this morning!). The kind that just make you throw your hands up in the air and laugh.

But y'know.... most days, I still feel like I'm the luckiest girl on earth.

I have this amazing kid - no, she's not perfect, she drives me fucking crazy sometimes, but I don't want a Stepford Child; the kid's got spirit. I have the best fiance EVAR, seriously, my complete partner and match. I have a wonderful new partner, too - well, you've heard me rave. And I have such fabulous and loving friends.

I have talent with words, though you certainly couldn't tell it by LJ, because this is all extemporaneous; my Shayara scripts, though, I'm really proud of. I have the strength to do what needs to get done. I'm pretty good at mommying, too, I've been told. And I have misfortunes of varying degrees, yes, but I also seem to attract good people and good things.

Very, very lucky. :)
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