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Happy Monday!

Happy birthday to ms_friday!

Hello to new readers brianbendis (that's just a Bendis news journal, but I don't know if the creator reads the friends page, so hi if so!), jendurrfukt, off_coloratura, and tmtashn!

Kali mala
I used to wear a smoky quartz mala with a little Kali charm on it wrapped around my wrist; my wrists are small, so it wrapped four times. Due to the strain of being wrapped tight every damn day, it broke. :( It was tangled beyond repair, but I kept the pieces.

Today I realized that one of them was the *perfect* length to make a bracelet! All I need is a clasp and a jumpring. Anyone local got that?

Queen Dork of Dorktown
I found a ponytail holder he left behind. I am wearing it on my wrist.

Move Under Ground
I started reading nihilistic_kid's book Move Under Ground this weekend, and dude.

When one writes a Cthulhu novel from the perspective of Jack Kerouac, it is either going to rock or suck donkey balls. That's a very unique "voice" to use.

Nick gets it. I am impressed. I shall hopefully be finishing it at lunch, and then I can discuss it more, though I'm certainly not going to post any spoilers.
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