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Spring Fling - Baskets!

Every year, Elayna's school throws a carnival called the Spring Fling. There are midwayesque games, bouncehouseesque slides and obstacle courses, plenty of activities! Each activity costs a certain number of tickets. And all of the money spent on tickets benefits the school. Yay, school! There's also a silent auction.

yendi and I are competitive people by nature... competitive as regards other people. Not each other. In shawnj's trivia challenge, for example, we weren't competing against each other, we were competing against everyone else, in that we really didn't care who won as long as it was one of us and the other took second. We're the King and Queen of Geekitude, baby.

The silent auction is nifty. If you've never been to one before - you write your name and your bid on a piece of paper next to the item. Other people write theirs underneath yours, etc. The auction features donations of products and services - gift cards to restaurants! Books! Tickets to Disney World and the sports-type things! And my favorite - the class baskets. Every year, classes make baskets according to a theme. Last year, Elayna's class made an art supplies basket; the year before, it was a travel boredom-busters thing. This year it was a kids' cooking basket.

This is our third Spring Fling. At every Spring Fling, we have won a basket. In past years, we've won our class's basket; last year we spent, I think, $65. Nice large basket, lots of stuff, benefits the school, etc.

Well, we don't need a kids' cooking basket. We already had all of the supplies in it. So we turned aside to scrutinize the other baskets, and two caught our collective eye - one that had nifty teas and some little dolls and storybooks, and one with exotic-ish foods and supplies. Both were going for far too little money - about $20 each. So we bid.

Now, that second one... the more we looked, the better it got. It was clear that nobody knew what the stuff in the basket was, else we'd've been outbid pretty damn fast. Stuff was piled atop more stuff, but hey, a four-person mini tea set, a sushi-rolling kit with bamboo mats, a rice paddle, nori, chopsticks, etc., a bamboo steamer, and more were all clearly visible. For $20? Well, hell yeah. The other one? Well, we like tea rather a lot. And upon perusal, the list of contents was pretty freakin' intensive. yendi and I were surprised that the other basket didn't have an itemized list - it was the only basket that didn't! This, I believe, worked in our favor.

So we bid. And volta and Elayna and I wandered, while yendi stayed focused on the baskets. yendi gets... a little twitchy. And he hd decided that we were getting these baskets, come hell or high water, especially the one with the sushi fixin's.

The auction closed at 2... so from 1:30 onward, yendi hovered. He'd dart in after every counterbid to raise ours. volta and I settled in to wait while Elayna danced with friends... yes, I was twitchy too, but yendi moreso, and I could feel his pulse pounding across the cafeteria...

And they called time, and everyone stepped back to the volunteers could seal the bids with a highlighter, and yendi pumped his fist in exultation.

We won both baskets! Yay!

We paid $65 for one last year. This year, we paid $73 for two. As yendi paid and volta took Elayna to the water fountain, I waited by the baskets, which were both too heavy for me to lift. As I waited, I was approached... "Excuse me, did you win this basket?"

I allowed that I had, and the woman perked up. "I put this one together!" she chirped. "I'm so happy you like it!" And we discussed. The basket had gone for $38, and I was surprised that it had gone for so little, as was she. I told her that I considered it a hell of a bargain, seeing as I'd've gladly paid $20 for the tea set alone, as we kind of collect them, although I actually collect sake sets...

"Oh, there's one in there!"

And there was. And she showed me what *else* was hidden under the tortillas and teas, and with every item my eyes got wider... there had been a list, you see, but it had been behind the basket...

When we got home, our loot pretty much covered the living room floor. And this is what we got.

The first basket, with the tea, dolls, books, etc., was the Goodies From Around the World Basket. We paid $35.
A book from Cuba
Refried beans
Mexican cookies (Elayna's tried these before and loves them)
"Boy doll dressed in African attire"
African Roobois tea
"European chocolates"
Cocoa Chocolate Chip scone mix
Peach preserves with champagne
Irish oatmeal
Quadratini chocolate wafer cookies
A Chinese storybook
A dancing frog toy
A doll in "Chinese attire"
Soy milk
Coffee mug with a sketch of a Chinese outfit on it
Chinese silk cloth
Cloth coasters
Green tea
$9 in gift certificates to Mama Fu's, Elayna's favorite restaurant
Doll with Sari
Sumatran coffee
"Cooking with Ursula" cookbook
A mini football
Vermont maple syrup
A gift card for 1/2 pound of coffee at the indie coffee place practically across the street from us.

And the Gourmet Foods Basket that ran us $38...
2 packs or nori sheets
1 bamboo sushi mat
1 bamboo steamer
1 package of rice wrappers for dumplings
1 rice paddle
1 sake set
1 (really beautiful) sushi platter and 2 dipping bowls
Totilla warmer
Authentic Mexican corn and flout tortillas
1 bottle pure Mexican vanilla
1 bottle Mexican Hot Sauce
1 package espresso coffee
1 bag of basmati rice
1 pack of quince jame
1 package ginger candy
1 box of authentic Mexican chocolate
1 bottle of mojocriolla marinade
4 asian-style soup spoons
1 soup ladle
Korwan teapot and cups
1 box jasmine tea
1 box green tea
1 box ginseng tea
1 box cinnamon & clove tea
1 bag each Mexican Horchata and Jamaican sorrel drinks.

The latter had a suggested opening bid of $140.

So. Wow. We are happy people.

More on the Spring Fling and the rest of the weekend soonish!
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