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LJ Anniversary

Damn. I forgot it was yesterday. Anyway - two years! Go me! Stats:

Readers: 761
Date created: 2002-03-25 10:32:08
Journal entries: 6,677
Comments Posted: 30,164
Comments Received: 85,710

I told y'all I suck at commenting.

Anyway - happy LJ anniversary to me! In honor of same, I would like to do the same thing I did when I hit, um, I think it was 300 readers? I tried to get 300 comments on that post. Succeeded. I harbor no illusions that I can get 761 comments on one post, but let's see how many we can get. Say anything, whatever random thing is on your mind; poke your head back in in a bit and see if you want to start a conversation with someone else. Post pictures, post where you originally found my journal, post anything! Pass it around if you like....

Happy Friday. :)
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