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Happy Friday!

Happy early birthday to yashara, who advances a year this weekend!

Hello to new readers _vicissitude_ and bellaknoti!

12 hours, 18 minutes. Whee!

Getting Things Done
dark_blade and I went out for some silliness last night. Which also resulted in getting my MedicAlert bracelet adjusted. They don't make them small enough for me. I need to order a backup, too, Just In Case.

Flogging Molly
charleseb, gwynraven, mermaidblue - what say you to Chili's for dinner? Quick + convenient for all of us (nonlocals - Charles and MermaidBlue and I all live within 1.5 miles of each other). How long will it take to get to the Roxy?

Elayna rocks.
Sifting through the papers in her courier last night, I discovered that she'd also volunteered to man a booth at tomorrow's Spring Fling! So she'll be selling marbles while I'm helping kids make bracelets.

Also, week-old news that I don't think I've reported - she got her third-semester report card. Awesome. She got 1s in almost everything (a 1 indicates mastery of said skill), and 2s only in math stuff that she's just starting, like long division (2s are +making good progress"). Most excellent.

Spring Fling
Carnival, tomorrow, I think it's 10:00-3:00. Open to the public, so anyone with kids, bring them down! Much with the fun.

Had you told me ten years ago that I'd be talking about report cards and volunteering at school carnivals ten years hence, I would have laughed in your face.

But I was a different girl then.

New violet bra! Stretchy black V-neck shirt, jeans, Hello Kitty panties, socks that say "It's All About Me". :)

I'm between books! yendi just finished Move Under Ground by nihilistic_kid - see his review in the next issue of BookSlut, where he has a monthly horror column. So. Yes. That will be the next book that I read, and I'll likely follow that up with Four and Twenty Blackbirds by cmpriest and 21st Century Wicca by anotherjen, and I can't wait for The Labyrinth by catvalente to come out....

Have I mentioned that I have some damn fine writers on my friends list?

At lunch here in the office, I'm reading magazines in a desperate attempt to stem the tide of said magazines that threatens to crush my coffee table.

I need a new coffee table.

I covered that above. :) I'm really excited about this weekend. :)

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