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Things I should not have to spell out to this extent #243

My e-mail to professors regarding Fall book orders. My editorial comments are in italics.

A reminder - I need your fall book orders by April 15! The sooner the better, please.

original e-mail was sent out last month. I got about 5 replies.

Remember to give me the title, author, publisher, and ISBN,

...especially since looking a title or author up on is nigh-impossible these days, due to their search-within-the-book feature; try looking up "linear algebra", just try it!

and let me know if you need a desk copy. If you do not request a desk copy, a desk copy will not be ordered for you.

seriously, you guys. every goddamn semester at least five of you approach me the day before classes to ask for desk copies that you did not request on your book order. and you get all annoyed when I show you your book-order e-mail, which does not include a desk copy request. and also when I tell you that you will not have your book before classes start. and yes, Dover and Oxford Press and Springer-Verlag and Addison Wesley orders take over a month to ship, so order them now.

Thank you!
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