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Happy Thursday!

Happy birthday to invisibledaisie and janezero!

Hello to new readers havelyard and imortalscot!

Tomorrow night, volta will be here! Saturday night, Flogging Molly!

Flogging Molly
Okay - people going to the concert - wanna get together and do a dinner thing first? I know mermaidblue wanted to carpool... charleseb, want to do the same? If not, when can I see you to get volta's ticket and give you your Girl Scout Cookies?

Girl Scout Cookies
We have a few orders left to mail. If anyone has nice medium-large cardboard boxes, can we have them?

Those of you whose cookies have been mailed - let me know when you get them so I can stop worrying, okay? I know laurelian, aku_rei, and k4olin have received theirs.

Medicine Road
Read Charles de Lint's Medicine Road last night, and I liked it very muchly. Y'know, I miss Newford. Old-school Newford more than new-school, but still. That felt like Home. It's clear that Arizona feels like Home to CdL now; I found that jarring in his earlier Arizona stories, but it's more accessible here, probably because of the blending of Native American tradition (a la the Kickaha outside of Newford, but wilder) and the backwoods fiddle-and-banjo sensibility of Bess and Laurel Dillard from Seven Wild Sisters, which was likewise excellent. Not saying any more, not giving spoilers! Just go read the book!

Charles de Lint in general
Read Dreams Underfoot. Trust me. This will help you understand me, and it may just help you understand yourself as well; I credit this book with saving me in a few ways.

Thank you, drive through.
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