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"You look likeyou need a root canal. A long, slow, painful root canal." - Orin Scrivella, DDS

So! That wasn't too bad. Of course, the reason it wasn't too bad was that he doesn't do extractions... so really it was just him X-raying, and clucking over my tooth problems. I apparently need much work. Which is why I haven't been going to the dentist like I should. Because I knew I would hear that.

Upshot is, I need three wisdom teeth extracted. And the lower right molar capped.

Good news? That won't happen this week. Why is that good news? Because I have the Flogging Molly concert, and Elayna's Spring Fling, and maybe volta in town! I have a consult with an oral surgeon on Tuesday, so my fervent hope is that they can do it that Friday, as I have no plans that weekend; the following weekend is Fantasm, and volta will definitely be here then!

Bad news? He also wants me in braces. If I can't get the clear ones like Tom Cruise has, I ain't doin' it.... not before the wedding, at the very least. I will not be Big Electric Metal Brace Face at my wedding, oh no I will not. And that is something that can wait.

And in our wtf? moment of the morning... while waiting for the dentist to review my X-rays, I went up to make an appointment for Elayna, just a cleaning/check-up. So the dental hygienist asked me "How old is she?" - and then immediately followed that up by looking at dark_blade and saying, "How old are you?"

Oh hell no! We both broke out laughing, managing to gasp out that my daughter is nine, and that I'd have to have been nine when I conceived in order to be dark_blade's mother.... the hygienist was so embarrassed. dark_blade consoled me with the fact that people do mistake her for 15, and they already knew that I was 30, but still, man, that's a far cry from the woman at Elayna's school thinking I must be someone's big sister.

Anyway! Here I am. *firm nod* And do you know how hard it is to pull myself away from that house when there's Stuff To Be Done? I don't want to be here. I was doing laundry! The dishwasher needs to be emptied! Home needs me more than work does!
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